One Down, Three to Go!

This week the Dredge facelift was completed: just in time for the Dredge Workers Reunion tomorrow!

Oooooooh, Aaaaaaaah, Shiny…

Now that the dredge has been restored to it’s original whitewash front, it will be better protected from the elements and will remain historically accurate: to continue it’s work as an educational opportunity for our lovely guests. And as a fringe benefit we no longer need to give out directions to the dredge… as you can likely see it from space!

It is amazing at first glance that the entire outside of the dredge was originally painted white and that the steel was painted orange. It is a testament to the weathering effects of our climate that the wood has been stripped bare and the orange paint has faded and been replaced with rust.

Try not to look directly at the dredge…

Hopefully in the coming months and years, we will be able to continue refurbishing the remaining sides to better protect and preserve the dredge for generations to come!

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1 Response to One Down, Three to Go!

  1. Mark Luker says:

    Looks really good! I can still recall how it was just a hunk of half-sunken mining equipment back in the 70’s!

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