Tales of Old

This last Saturday marked the eighteenth Annual Dredge Workers reunion. In attendance were several former dredge workers and many family members, as well as a number of guests. The potluck featured fantastic food and a good time was had by all!

The Boys and Their Boat

Sitting around while those fellas told stories about their days aboard the dredge really gave the dredge some character. Until that point I was well versed in the static facts: I knew how much it dug, how fast it moved, how much it weighted and other numerically based material… But these stories have really given the Dredge some flavor, which I hope to share with our guests. And considering some of the stories I was told: I’d say it’s a rather salty flavor.

If you missed the Reunion this year, be sure to make it next year: it’s a hoot, and living history at it’s finest! For more photos check out: www.friendsofthedredge.com

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1 Response to Tales of Old

  1. Mark Luker says:

    Look forward to seeing the guys every year! What a great time it is to listen to them talk about their days of working on the Dredge! This is truly living history! Can’t wait until next year!

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