Out With a BOO!

A ghostly “Boo!” that is.

With the end of the season coinciding with Halloween and all things spooky, it only seemed appropriate to host an “Is Skeleton Creek Real” Halloween Extravaganza.  Park Staff and visitors gathered around the camp fire on a crisp fall evening to hear stories and tall tales of the legendary Joe Bush who has been reported to haunt our gold dredge.

The Last Gathering

Special Guests Jeffery Townsend and Eric Rhodes, the actor who plays the Apostle in the books, joined us bringing never-before-seen clips from the books!

Guests Jeffery Townsend and "The Apostle"

Refreshments were to be had…..if you were brave enough to get by Joe Bush!!

The evening ended with a tour down to the dredge.  The intent was to see all of the cool places shown in the books, but all was interrupted when the REAL Joe Bush decided to make his presence known with clanks, knockings and moans to send shivers down your spine.

Into the dredge...What will we find??

All and all, it was a fun evening and a great way to wrap up the season.  So, for now the the dredge is closed for the winter and as Ranger Rella says every night she closes the dredge, “Good Night, Joe.”

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1 Response to Out With a BOO!

  1. LifeInSumpter says:

    The Sumpter Dredge Halloween event was a lot fun and as always, the interpretive program was quite interesting. It was good to meet the special guests too. It was a great way to celebrate the end of another season at the Dredge! If you would like to see a video and photos of the event, visit http://friendsofthedredge.com/menu/skeleton_creek.html

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