The Dredge in all of its glory amidst the obvious lack of snow.

Since our first snow in November, when we posted “Walking In A Winter Wonderland”, we’ve been waiting with baited anticipation to announce the schedule for our guided snowshoe hikes.  Sadly, it would seem that “Old Man Winter” is somewhat lacking in enthusiasm this year.  We have yet to see any significant snow accumulation leaving us wondering if winter will actually show up this year.

This year can officially be considered “unusual”, especially when compared past winters.

This is more of what we'd like to see. Winter 2008


The way it used to be, Sumpter 1905. ~Photo Curtesy of the Baker County Photo Archives

Looking back on winters gone by and recollecting all the fun had in those piles of winter whiteness, one could easily begin to feel disappointed at this year’s winter outlook.  But take heart, there is always a bright side.  Less snow means the roads are better to come up and play in the mountains…a day trip is always more fun if you’re not concerned about sliding off the road over Phillips Lake.  If you don’t own snow shoes it is a little easier (though uneven) to get around the trails since you don’t have to worry about wading through hip deep snow…just watch out for the icy spots.  Getting around the park to check out animal tracks, take photos of the dredge in winter, maybe do some sledding, or even some winter birding has never been easier.  And of course, the weather has been beautiful.

The cold season isn’t over yet, so you never know if Winter might happen pay a surprise visit to us and when that happens, we’ll be ready.

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2 Responses to Snow?

  1. Mark Luker says:

    The lack of snow does seem odd…and my snowshoes are getting to feel neglected…..until the snow does arrive (and we have faith that it will) snow lovers can drive just a few miles above Sumpter to where there snow is. We will keep looking forward to a great snowshoe hike and winter interpretive program at the Dredge when the snow does get here!

  2. rangerrandi says:

    Fingers Crossed! The NOAA weather report is calling for snow this weekend and possibly through next week!

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