It’s Here!

It’s only taken all winter, but this last week the snow finally arrived!  A special delivery from the north brought us a storm packed full of the fluffy white goodness we’ve all been waiting for!

A welcome sight!

Although warm weather and rain has tried to move in, it’s still good conditions to grab the snow gear of your choice and come out for some winter fun.  Park staff and others have been trekking through to cut trails through the park, however this takes time so if you come out and are not sure where to begin it’s recommend that you stick to within the general area of the existing park trails…but since you can’t see those trails through a foot of snow, here is an aerial map to give you an idea.  Park trails are marked in Red.

Park maps and brochures can also be downloaded online at The Oregon State Parks web page.  As the snow continues we’ll update this map with alternate snowshoe routes and sledding areas.

Bring your sled, your skis, and your snow shoes and come out to play with us.

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2 Responses to It’s Here!

  1. Mark Luker says:

    Finally! What a great way to get caught up on our snow – with one big storm! Thanks Miranda for all the great snowshoeing info! We look forward to more snowshoe hikes in the State Park soon!
    For pictures of our first hike of the season, visit:

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