Snow Shoe Update

The winter always feels the longest when we get into February.  Without the activities that usually accompany the holidays, time seems to slow down, the walls close in, and a person begins to understand how “All work and no play can make Jack a dull boy”.  (Btw…don’t read “The Shining” by yourself in the dead of winter. *shivers*)

But there is a ray of light…Grab your snow shoes (or cross country skis) and get out to check out the snow shoe trails in the park and around Sumpter.  Below is the latest area map outlining the current trails through the park.

The blue trail outlines where the current snowshoe trail is. The Red trails are where the actual park trail is, but this area has not been gone through with snowshoes yet. The yellow trail is where the snow mobile trail cuts through.

If you’re interested in joining other avid snowshoers, check out the Sumpter snowshoeing web site at for information about upcoming guided hikes and trail conditions.

As always, be safe and hope to see you out there.

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1 Response to Snow Shoe Update

  1. LifeInSumpter says:

    The trails that surround the Sumpter Dredge and lead throughout the State Park are great! The Winter Landscape offers a whole new world to explore, even if you’ve visited the Park in the summer! If you’d like a free guided snowshoe tour of the State Park, contact Ranger Miranda or visit the Sumpter Snowshoe Club at our website.
    Don’t wait too long………

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