The Moth Ball

About this time of year, when the store opens, the wall by the front door becomes the prime socializing location for all creatures attracted to The Light.  The porch light, having been off during the cold months of winter, is now a shining beacon signaling to insects, bugs, and creepy-crawlies near and far to come and join the party at The Wall.

“The Wall”: Popular social hangout for all things creepy crawly.

Of course, this activity also attracts park rangers…

This week, The Wall hosted its popular “Moth Ball”.  Two guests in particular were featured at this event.

One-eyed Sphinx Moth

The famous Smerinthus Cerisyi, aka: One-eyed Sphinx, made an appearance early on.  Named for the lines and colors on its hind wings that resemble eyes; One-eyed Sphinx moths show up every spring claiming the abundance of willow and cottonwood around the park provides the best nourishment for raising their little caterpillars.


Glover’s Silk Moth

Our other featured guest has not been seen by us in these parts, at least not in recent years.  Hyalophora Columbia, who also goes by Glover’s Silk Moth, was surprising and fascinating find when we opened up the store.  Also attracted to a boggy, willow-abundant environment, it seems that Glover’s Silk Moth has decided to scope out the area.  Glover’s arrives with rumors of a shady past, one of being an invasive nuisance to the area which it inhabits.  We will be looking into these rumors for ourselves and keep you updated with our finds.


One might ask how The Wall can provide such venues with the condition of the economy?  They say it’s quite simple.  Adult One-eyed Sphinx Moths and Glover’s Silk Moths do not eat, thus reducing the cost of refreshments considerably.

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