As The Leaves Turn….

This time of year the signs that Summer is gone and Autumn is here are very apparent.

  • The leaves are displaying their colors.
  • It’s still dark when the dredge gets up.
  • Park Staff can’t clean the bathroom in the morning because the cleaning spray freezes to the toilet.
  • The beavers are busy damming the river.

Perhaps the biggest sign that the seasons have changed is the Friends of Sumpter Valley Dredge hosting their annual LOTS party!

LOTS stands for “Last of the Season”.  For centuries communities and groups have come together in the autumn to celebrate the returns from the harvest and the successes from the summer growing season.  The Friends of the Dredge do the same….Minus the actually harvesting.  Whereas we begin the year with the Annual Meeting inviting all to come and find out what we have planned for the upcoming year; The LOTS Party is our way of celebrating and sharing with everyone the successes and achievements of as the year comes to an end.

Setting up for the big day!

Last Saturday the white tents went up behind the Interpretive Store in preparation for the gathering.  This year the main course was BBQ Brats cooked up by Sumpter’s very own Bratmeister and Mayor, John Young. Potato salads, cheesy hot potato casseroles, sauerkraut salad, and pasta salad were just a few of the delicious side dishes where shared by some of our community’s best chefs.

99 Brats and several packages of hotdogs went through this grill!

Despite the rainy weather we had quite the turn-out for the event.  Including Friends Members, Park Staff, residents of Sumpter, park visitors, and participants and staff of the Sumpter Valley Railroad Fall Foliage Train, over 75 people joined us as we celebrated the successes of the season.  The rain held off as we ate, enjoyed the colors of Fall or explored the dredge.

We’d like to say thank you to everyone involved putting this event together, helping with setup, preparing food, and the tearing down.  It was a great success!

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5 Responses to As The Leaves Turn….

  1. Sumpter Chatter says:

    lot of fun, great photos, thanks for all the help Miranda! To see more photos of the 2012 LOTS Party at the Sumpter Valley Dredge, visit

  2. friendsofthedredge says:

    Love to see all the people, eat good food, share stories and history – another great LOTS Party!

  3. Planting Potatoes says:

    lot of fun and great photos – as always!

  4. madeinsumpter says:

    good food and good people, thanks!

  5. rangerrandi says:

    We’re glad so many people were able to join us this year. Even happier that the Fall Colors wer blazing. Last year it just barely began by the LOTS Part.

    Thank you all for coming.

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