Wait! Wait!

Last week the park closed up for the season.  With the docks pulled off the dredge, the interpretive store closed, and the interpretive panels put away the park definitely looks like it’s ready to hibernate.  And of course there’s the gate.  A gate definitely seems to say “Do Not Enter.”.  But looks can be deceiving.

Occasionally, at the sound of car tires making a U-turn on pavement, one might see the head of a Park Ranger popping out of the shop or from around the trees.  If the vehicle doesn’t move away too quickly, the ranger might have time to catch up to them.  Why?  While we are required to close the gate in the off season it doesn’t mean the park is off limits to visitors.  If you happen to be stopping by there are places to park in the alley to the right just before you reach the gate.  If you happen to be staying in town just walk right in or drive your ATV on the ATV trail to access the parking lot.

While the dredge is closed the trails are still open and, at least for the time being, still boast some beautiful fall colors.  Now that most of the willows have dropped their leaves, this is also a great time to get some bird watching in.

A Winter Wren pretending to be a leaf

And when the snow comes?

Bring your Snow Shoes!  Or your skis…which ever comes first.  Winter is a great time to come explore the park!  The snowmobile trail runs through the park allowing easy access to come down and check out the Dredge and park staff and locals come out to tamp down snow shoe trails throughout the park.

So, next time you pull up to that gate, don’t turn around!

For more information about park access in the off season feel free to contact the park office at: 541-894-2486.

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1 Response to Wait! Wait!

  1. Sumpter Chatter says:

    Great photos Randi! Always love the fall in the Dredge Park! Bring on the snow!

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