The Dredge Set to Music

Early this summer we received an interesting phone call from Terry of Bluedot Productions.  He had an unusual request….to film a music video on the dredge.  The first images to spring from the words “music video” were those of smashing guitars and pyrotechnics, but Terry quickly alleviated our concerns and clarified their intentions.

Funded with grants from OSU, one of the focuses for Bluedot Productions is finding ways of combining creativity with the promotion of Oregon’s historic sites.

This video showcases our very own dredge with flutist, Molly Barth, performing “Thorn” in an effort to combine music with the industrial setting and feel of the machinery.

Also, check out She’s Like Magic, the video filmed by Bluedot on the Sumpter Valley Railroad.

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3 Responses to The Dredge Set to Music

  1. rangerkevin says:

    These videos are way cool! I’m surprised you didn’t go for the guitar smashing and pyrotechnics though…

    • rangerrandi says:

      I have to admit that fiery whirligigs off of the corners of the dredge would be a sight, but the whole “might-burn-down” scenario just isn’t appealing. I’ll stick to the fog machine. 😉 I thought you’d appreciate the music video though.

  2. Sumpter Chatter says:

    Wow…these videos are great! Although I have to agree with Kevin….pyro is always cool! 🙂

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