Every New Beginning

I heard a line in a song stating “Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.”  It seems appropriate.  It is with mixed emotions that I write this blog entry because it will be my last one as the Park Ranger here at Sumpter Valley Dredge.  At the beginning of this year I applied for, and was offered, the Park Ranger position at Collier Memorial State Park down by Klamath Falls.  I’m very excited about this opportunity and the chance to work at and explore another one of Oregon State Parks historic properties, but at the same time, sad to see my time here come to a close.

I cannot express my appreciation enough for the hard work and support of the staff and volunteers I have worked with at Sumpter Valley Dredge, as well as the care and support of the community for the park.  The past five years have been an amazing experience for me and I am grateful for all of the wonderful times and memories I’ll be taking with me.

We apologize, but because of the position vacancy and other changes in the Oregon State Park’s website, it may be some time before we update this blog.   You can stay up to date with the latest news about the park at the Friends of the Dredge website, www.friendsofthedredge.com , as well as their Facebook page.

Thank you for the wonderful beginning and the supportive close as I move on to the next one.  Sumpter, the Dredge and the City, will always have a special place in my heart and it has been an honor to have been your Park Ranger.

Miranda Krane

Park Ranger

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1 Response to Every New Beginning

  1. Marvin Fackler says:

    Looks like RangerRandi went from being a miner to a logger. Good luck on your new job Randi

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