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Every New Beginning

I heard a line in a song stating “Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.”  It seems appropriate.  It is with mixed emotions that I write this blog entry because it will be my last one as the … Continue reading

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We Ain’t Scared of No…GHOSTS!

It is a simple fact that old buildings are cool…really, really cool!  If walls could talk, one can only imagine the stories that would be told when you walk into a structure that has been standing for over fifty years, … Continue reading

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Mercury 101: What is Good For?

The theories, processes, and techniques behind gold mine all come down to one simple concept; finding the most efficient and thorough way of extracting the gold from the material surrounding it.  Generally, many processes relied on gravity to do the … Continue reading

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Mercury 101: The Basics (In Layman’s Terms)

“Do you know what Mercury is?” This is a fascinating question to ask during a tour, especially if there is a wide range of age groups present.  Children are usually the first to throw up their hands with “Me! Pick … Continue reading

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Intro to Mercury 101

With the park closed, snow piling up, and no tours or grounds maintenance to be done things slow waaaayyyyyy down in the winter making this an excellent time to start sifting through notes from the previous season.  The park staff … Continue reading

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Check out the Winter 2012-13 pages for the latest snow updates!

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The Dredge Set to Music

Early this summer we received an interesting phone call from Terry of Bluedot Productions.  He had an unusual request….to film a music video on the dredge.  The first images to spring from the words “music video” were those of smashing … Continue reading

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