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Mercury 101: What is Good For?

The theories, processes, and techniques behind gold mine all come down to one simple concept; finding the most efficient and thorough way of extracting the gold from the material surrounding it.  Generally, many processes relied on gravity to do the … Continue reading

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Spring Forward and Plan Ahead

Spring usually reveals itself subtly, here in the mountains.  We don’t see it explode like on the west side of the state where Cherry Blossoms, Trilliums, Daffodils, and such have been showing off their colors for the last few weeks.  … Continue reading

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The Gold That Got Away

There is still gold in them thar hills! The dredge utilized a form of placer mining: which means that it used water to wash the soil to separate the gold. Since only small materials (less than ¾” in diameter) were … Continue reading

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