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To The Bugs

As a child I could be found sitting in the sand box playing in the dirt. My companions were usually six legged friends that had wandered into my play area in search of food.  These play mates were usually scouts … Continue reading

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Spring and Sunshine Visit the Park

As winter releases its harsh grasp on the land flowers start to bloom and life springs up around the terrain. This might be one reason for calling this season spring. Although in my opinion the more logical explanation would refer … Continue reading

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A Muskrat Kind of Love

“Beaver!” The cry pulls the attention of the adults and children and Park Rangers away from the dredge tour and toward the small critter swimming purposefully through the pond to a little pine tree on the bank. Actually, it’s not … Continue reading

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Going To The Birds…

Morning is a perfect time to walk the trails and watch nature wake up.  While going out to open the dredge to get the park ready for the day, it’s easy to get caught up in keeping an eye open … Continue reading

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The Moth Ball

About this time of year, when the store opens, the wall by the front door becomes the prime socializing location for all creatures attracted to The Light.  The porch light, having been off during the cold months of winter, is … Continue reading

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The Sounds of Spring

Thank you LeAnne Wolfe, local business owner and avid birder, for contributing this piece to our blog. There are a lot of birds whose noise draws your attention to them. Among these are the hummingbirds, woodpeckers, and a dove that’s … Continue reading

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Time To Get Your Birding On…

We’ve been excited to note that it is not getting dark until after five o’clock in the evening, this being one of the first (and most welcome) signs that winter is on its way out and spring is coming.   The … Continue reading

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