Snow Level Updates

How Much Snow Do You Get?

The way it used to be, Sumpter 1905. ~Photo Curtesy of the Baker County Photo Archives

Questions about snow level come up almost as often as “What does the Dredge Do?”.  This year check out this page for updates and photos on the snow level at the park.  Posts and photos will be displayed in order starting from most recent.


December 17, 2012

Much Better!

This is a little more like it!

Looking Better!

Looking Better!

The power was out this morning, but getting pictures for a snow-update is a great way to warm up.


With just under a foot, there is just enough snow to dust off the snow shoes and start blazing trails.  The temperature is warming up a bit but the weather man says there is more to come!


December 10, 2012

It’s a Start

Well, it wasn’t the 3′ we were hoping for, but this weekend we finally got some snow worth talking about.



The weather report has more snow in the forecast so fingers, toes, and snow shoes are crossed.


December 7, 2012

Has It Snowed Yet??

Ummm…No, not yet.  The snow is teasing us again this year with small dustings now and then.  Each morning we awake to see if there is any serious accumulation only to find a world of brown and green instead of white.  You can almost hear the “wah, Wah, WAHHHHH” in the background.

I think Jack Frost forgot it is December....

I think Jack Frost forgot it is December..

According to NOAA, though, we are supposed to start getting some tonight.  Here’s to being able to post a Snow Update with actual snow!


November 16, 2012


We have snow!  Not much but it’s here.  And this year, with the snow, comes the Snow Ruler!

Don’t believe us when we say how much or little there is…well, seeing is believing.

Don’t know if it will get this deep…but there’s always wishful thinking!


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