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Part 3! Spring Forward and Plan Ahead!

The snow is melting rapidly as the weather warms up and the spring rains come through.  I am reluctantly realizing that it is time to put the snowshoes away.  This isn’t all bad news though.  It also means that it’s … Continue reading

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Spring Forward and Plan Ahead: Part 2

Having covered the park basics in the last blog entry, let’s take look at the icing on the cake…the park activities and events.  Yes, between the Railroad and the State Park, it is difficult to find a weekend that doesn’t … Continue reading

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Spring Forward and Plan Ahead

Spring usually reveals itself subtly, here in the mountains.  We don’t see it explode like on the west side of the state where Cherry Blossoms, Trilliums, Daffodils, and such have been showing off their colors for the last few weeks.  … Continue reading

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