The Guest Book

Our guest book (located in the gift shop) is vital to our park: it tells us who our visitors are, where they are from and how they felt about their visit. We have visitors from all over the world: The maps below show where our visitors from this summer are from, so come visit us and put your hometown on The Big Map!

Local Guests!

A World of Visitors!

3 Responses to The Guest Book

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  2. Elisabeth from Salt Lake City says:

    From Elisabeth in Salt Lake City….8 minutes to Opening Day! Have fun today with the festivities. I’m sure it’ll be a great season for you all. I’m proud of my Mom for being part of such a great team, Friends of the Dredge.

    • rangerrandi says:

      We love having Gene with us! She has been an EXCELLENT part of our team here. Hope you are able to get out our way sometime. 🙂

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