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While walking through the Sumpter Valley, rock lovers, and non-rock lovers alike have the wonderful opportunity to see lots of beautiful rocks strewn across the landscape. In my experience you may not find something to be beautiful until you know … Continue reading

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In The Beginning

Can anyone believe the summer is just about over? It seems just yesterday I was driving into Sumpter for the first time. The season has gone so quickly, but we still have a few weeks left. As my time in … Continue reading

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To The Bugs

As a child I could be found sitting in the sand box playing in the dirt. My companions were usually six legged friends that had wandered into my play area in search of food.  These play mates were usually scouts … Continue reading

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Saturday Night Fun

Can you believe it’s August already! Where did summer go? As I sat contemplating this question I realized that I haven’t done everything I wanted to do this summer. I still have a list of fun activities to do before … Continue reading

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Can You Hear The Bells?

To my knowledge there has never been a day quite like August 18th 2012. This day contained a train robbery like any other normal day, but with an extra spin. The train robbers decided to not only take gold but … Continue reading

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Laughter and Grease

The first ever “Time Travel with the Dredge” program was a big hit! We had a wonderful crowd and a great time. This program is about a dredge worker named Sylvan. Sylvan is a hard worker but also loves to … Continue reading

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Ecosystem in Bloom

Earlier last week I was asked by a visitor why the water was so green. I answered simply by saying it was because of the heat that the algae was growing faster than during the colder months. While my answer … Continue reading

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Spring and Sunshine Visit the Park

As winter releases its harsh grasp on the land flowers start to bloom and life springs up around the terrain. This might be one reason for calling this season spring. Although in my opinion the more logical explanation would refer … Continue reading

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